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There was necessity of such kind of a system can enable inter system communications, or I could state that the interactions need to be independent of the Operating Equipments and Programming Languages. To resolve this concern the concept of internet services was introduced.

A web service has listing of approaches and treatments that could be utilized by any one of the applications regardless of the shows languages, OS, equipment utilized to create them. Any sort of applications can access the capability given by the web service and such performance is called internet methods or internet APIs.

An internet service enables the communication via net requirements XML and HTTP. Thus I, can say that any kind of computer that has an access to the internet could have access to the internet service. As soon as the internet service is deployed on the Internet it can be used by any of the customers making use of HTTP and XML. There can be an internet solution, which provide the information of anybody based on its social protection number. This service could be conveniently available to any clients who need to access it.