Gate Openers Require No Remotes Or Manual Overdrive


Not just any gate openers. These are rather special gate openers. They have been especially prepared for those of you who live and practice on the rural outskirts of any busy urban network in the country. You may be too far away to call for help should the remote of your gate opener suddenly pack up. And being too far away from your nearest (public or private) law enforcement agency, you may be afraid at times, especially at night, to step in and out of your vehicle to manually open and close said gate.

These rather special opening and closing gate openers have, quite simply, been called your rural gate openers. Bearing in mind that you need no remote to utilize these ‘contraptions’ or step in and out of your truck late at night, this is how this gate opener (and closer) works. Easy to explain because it is that simple. You are driving in your truck. The LED lights are on because it’s dark out there. You’ll see your gate in front of you clear enough.

rural gate openers

And then this is what you do. You keep on driving slowly, slowly towards that gate. And then what happens? Well, with the specially equipped bumper of your truck, you gently nudge the gate just so, and, hey presto, it opens. And then you slowly, surely drive through the now-open gate. But that’s not all. You need not look back. Just keep on driving forward confidently. As you go on your way, the gate closes within seconds.

There’s a timer installed. You can program it to suit your needs. And it’s a sustainable device too, because it’s battery powered. So, just make sure you’ve got some spare batteries stored away for just in case.